La goutte d’or, heaven in Paris

Week-end treats~

Had been wanting to try out Yann Menguy’s creations for a while. So we headed to his patisserie at La goutte d’Or close to Montmartre.

The shop is very small, and three seatings only are available, if you want to eat these babies straight away. Lire la suite « La goutte d’or, heaven in Paris »


Healthy brunch at Braun notes comment

Oh sunday! Brunch day !

With the Christmas season, we’ve all probably been through food coma for all the holiday and brunch might sounds heavy sometimes. BUT ! I’ve got the perfect deal for you ! A healthy and balanced brunch that will fill you up, without giving you nausea ! Plus ! It’s said to be the most instagramable one in Paris ! Lire la suite « Healthy brunch at Braun notes comment »

Rouen: Piece unique

I decided to go on a week-end get-away to Rouen to enjoy some quality time with Kevin and visit some friends of mine, who ended up not being there while we went… It ended up being a forced couple trip haha. But, hey ! at least we got to have great desserts !

Our friends recommended to us this small boutique rue Beauvinoise, which was really close to their apartment and really center Rouen. I was pleasantly surprised by this place with a nice white minimalist esthetic with just a few seatings.

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Cô my Cantine, a Vietnamese treat outside Paris 13

On Tuesday, I prepared a small surprise for Kevin, I took him to watch Kiminonawa or Your name. He had told me he didn’t get the chance to watch it while it was still screening and wished to watch it with me someday. Luckily for me, soon after he told me this, I came across the news that with the DVD coming out soon, they had organised a big screening event at the iconic Grand Rex cinema. What a wonderful coincidence, isn’t it ?

Before the movie, we were looking for a place to have dinner and tumbled over this Vietnamese restaurant. I was kind of in a hurry because I saw the huge line-up in front of the cinema before joining him so I didn’t want to waste much time on eating but didn’t feel like having fast-food either. We decided on trying this place out thinking we’d eat quickly and would go.

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Akasaka, Korean hide-out

Here I am sharing with you an adress I thought of keeping to myself but I like to share happiness so check it out !

I was craving for Gamja-tang for ages, as I haven’t had it for two years !!

Gamja-tang 감자탕 or « potato soup » is actually a Korean pork bone soup with potatoes, mushrooms, pepper, soybean paste. It takes hours for the broth to cook,so it is very hard to find a place that makes it in Paris.

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Hong Kong in my belly

I was recently scrolling down on instagram and stumbled across photos of mouth-watering dimsum, which reminded me of Hongkong.

Having been twice to Hongkong, and the second time being just for the food, I thought it’d be a good idea to embark on an eating tour to Hong Kong.  Oh Hong Kong! Oh land of pleasure!  Dimsum, wonton, eggtart & pineapple bun heaven !

So here are  some addresses, probably nothing new, but these are reliable places.

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Fou de patisserie, crazy over pastries

As said, in an earlier post, I had been wanting to talk about Fou de Patisserie, one of my favorite pastry shop in Paris.

Fou de patisserie or translate it  to « crazy over pastries » is actually a French pastry magazine that gathers recipes from famous pastry chefs, photos etc… They openned their first pastry shop last year, where they offer a selection of the best and iconic pastries from some of the best pâtissiers of Paris with the unique price of 6,5€ for individual pastries. Gathering all the best pastries in one place in Paris, isn’t that a brillant idea ? Lire la suite « Fou de patisserie, crazy over pastries »

Harbin, the ice kingdom of China

I was watching Chinese news at my parents today when they mentionned that snow has already started to fall over Harbin, which throw me back to three years ago…Time sure flies by… But I wanted to share with you some trip idea if you want to visit a place out of the ordinary, like cold places, cool ice sculptures or you happen to be in Asia. Lire la suite « Harbin, the ice kingdom of China »